Canada just hit two significant milestones yesterday, because out of a handful of Canadian Electric Vehicle manufacturers, Electra Meccanica Vehicle Corporation (EMV) ups its game by introducing two new vehicles at the 2017 Vancouver Auto Show.

Mark West, President of Electra Meccanica:

We are very proud to showcase our company, along with a couple of extremely exciting new vehicles at our hometown show,”

He continues:

The passion behind these cars is a massive step-forward for our brand and they represent the best of what we can achieve from a performance standpoint. Vancouver Auto Show attendees and others around the world will not be disappointed.

What Mark is referring to are the newest additions to Electra Meccanica’s product portfolio, the Tofino and the SOLO R.

Tofino Two-Seat Electric Roadster

Tofino Electric Roadster

Let’s begin with the Tofino, which is an all-electric, two-seat roadster. This electric roadster gets inspiration from the Intermeccanica Roadster, which is a replica of the highly sought after Porsche 356.

Starting at a suggested retail price of $50,000 CAD, this two-seater comes equipped with a high-performance motor which can reach 0-60 mph in under 7 seconds and has a top speed of 200 kph (125 mph).

And more importantly, the company is claiming a driving range of up to 400 km (250 miles) on a full charge.

Made to evoke feelings of passion and excitement for the open road, Tofino is hand-crafted and designed by the world-class coach-building team from Intermeccanica. This roadster is intended to combine the pure style and driving thrills of an authentic sports car with an all-electric drivetrain.

There are five color options to choose from:

  • Titanium Silver
  • Electric Red
  • Raven Black
  • Arctic White
  • Bionic Bronze

The fact that Electra Meccanica is a Canadian company which is not afraid of pushing the limits of what we think of in the conventional terms of an automobile is an incredible achievement.

SOLO R Electric Vehicle


True to their mission of creating practical solutions designed for saving you money while being fun to drive, the SOLO R was also revealed at the Vancouver Auto Show.

Based off the highly functional SOLO which was announced in the later half of 2016, the SOLO R kicks things up a notch as a high-end variant of the base model.

In what I would call an electric vehicle track racer, SOLO R  features bigger wheels and tires, beefier brakes, high-performance battery system and seating.

One gets the feeling that this company has vision, direction and drive in becoming a recognizable global brand. I love it when startups are not afraid of competition by taking on a “can-do” attitude of success.

You can expect deliveries of the Tofino to begin sometime in 2019, and those of you who are interested in dealer opportunities or buying a SOLO can do so by learning more at the company’s website. Additionally, you can head over to the Vancouver Auto Show which runs from March 28 to April 2 to EMV booth.

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