Apple Inc., becomes a part of a list of companies offering rewards to select firms who can find security flaws in its operating software. The Bug Bounty program went into effect last Thursday as Apple seeks to tighten its OS further.

Cybersecurity becomes more important as major tech companies work hard to lock down and safeguard their users from hacking attempts.

Yahoo, Microsoft, Tesla, Chrysler, Fiat Chrysler, Facebook and others have their own bug bounty program where they make payouts to researchers who can find certain types of bugs which can exploit a system environment.

Since launching its own security vulnerability program about three years ago, Microsoft has paid out $1.5 million to researchers who’ve successfully found security loopholes.

Apple’s recent run in with the FBI earlier this year could be a motivating factor in offering this bounty reward program.

Apple Bug Bounty Program

Apple if finally jumping on board by selecting roughly two dozen researchers and offering $200,000 for specific bugs. These firms have previously found exploits for the company and reported them without getting paid.

During an iOS enabled device’s boot up, “secure boot” there’s a potential for unauthorized apps to launch and compromise the security of the system. Up to $200,000 can be rewarded to the company which can successfully identify in this category.

This program will start in September, and while it’s only open to a select group of researchers, any outside group which can find high-priority exploits could receive a financial reward.

On the heels of selling its Billionth iPhone and with the 7th iteration of the iconic mobile device due for an unveiling next month, Apple is taking improved measures in securing its products.

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