Ridesharing is a popular service which is still gaining traction in many parts of the world. While the heavyweights of the industry, Uber and Lyft are the most easily recognizable out all the rideshare apps, there are others who are carving out a niche in the market.

For the past few years, companies like Uber have made headlines by disrupting the traditional taxi model. There have been protests by cab companies and drivers claiming an unfair advantage in a system where many people here in North America feel has been broken for a while, due to a monopoly.

In some parts, ridesharing services are not legal, while in many areas in Canada the service is a welcome addition which gives more choice into the hands of people.

While Uber is already experimenting with driverless taxis and hopes to capitalize on emerging technologies within the automotive industry, many other smaller players are stepping up to the occasion by offering their flavor on ridesharing.

Here’s a quick list of companies by which means is not intended to be exhaustive, but worth looking at if you are considering these services.


Lyft App

Lyft is the San Francisco, California, United States-based company, which was established on 5/01/2012.

Lyft is reconnecting people and communities through better transportation and while not as large as Uber, Lyft is gaining momentum. It also allows drivers to keep all tips earned. As of this writing, this ridesharing operation has received a total amount of $2,012,500,000 through its financiers.
Lyft specializes in Apps, Software, Transportation, and Mobile categories, and prides itself by offering a special and unique experience for drivers and passengers. Anyone wanting to signup for Lyft, can do so simply visiting the site http://lyft.com and signing up to use its services.


OFO ridesharing app

ofo is a Haidian, Beijing, and China-based company, established on 4/01/2014. ofo is an urban bicycle sharing platform that promotes the use of bicycling as the primary mode of transportation with use of its services.

As of this year, this ridesharing application has acquired a total amount of$130,000,000 through investments.
ofo pursues development in Commerce and Shopping, Sustainability, Transportation, and Internet Services categories, making for a bit of fun and an enjoyable mobile ridesharing experience. Customers who are wanting to sign up for ofo, are encouraged to do this by simply heading over to http://www.ofo.so/ and register to get started.


Chariot Ridesharing App

Chariot is a San Francisco, California, United States based company, set up on 4/22/2014Chariot crowdsources & operates transit routes faster and more reliable than public transportation and more affordable than taxis and ridesharing. New users get their first week free and can book rides for as little as $3. 

New users get their first week free and can schedule rides for as little as $3. Currently, this ridesharing organization has been bought out by Ford which plans to offer bike ridesharing services along Chariot.

Chariot is dedicated exclusively in the Transportation sector and sets itself apart from competitors with a tailor fit user experience worthy of recognition.

Users who want to find out more about Chariot may accomplish this by following the URL http://www.chariot.com to gain a better understanding of company operations and services.



rideIT (Collcon Labs Pvt Ltd) is the Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India based company, started on 5/01/2015.

rideIT is a ride-matching service that allows users to share their rides with colleagues traveling in the same route.

According to current financial information, this ridesharing application has received a monetary sum of $110,000 through its investors.

rideIT (Collcon Labs Pvt Ltd) pursues development in Software and Transportation providing their users with a unique and straightforward approach to ridesharing by providing a custom fit solution for people who work together.

Those wanting to signup for rideIT (Collcon Labs Pvt Ltd), may begin by opening up the company’s web page https://www.rideit.in/ to check out availability in a particular area for its ridesharing services.

Wingz Inc


Wingz Inc. San Francisco, California United States based company, set up on 1/01/2011.

Wingz allows people to have personal trusted drivers for all their important scheduled rides. Users can pre-book a ride with the added peace of mind known that this company puts drivers through a thorough background check, only selecting about 3% of applicants.

As of this year, this ridesharing service has received a monetary sum of $13,725,000 through its investors.
Wingz Inc. concentrates its creative efforts in Transportation Department, providing their users with a personal approach to ridesharing.

Users who want to find out more about Wingz Inc. may begin by visiting the site http://wingz.com to check out availability in a particular area for its ridesharing services.

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