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They say “there’s no time like the present,” and that’s probably true if you’ve been waiting for the right time to sell your car. There may be some reasons why you might want to sell your vehicle.

Maybe you’re interested in upgrading to a new model. Possibly you’re moving to a city where a car is just not practical. Or maybe you just need some extra cash more than you need that particular ride.

But change can be hard, especially when you’re not sure where to start. Here are six reasons that are most likely to motivate you to go ahead and sell your old car:

The Price Is Too High

Car Price

In most cases, getting your first car feels great. You feel like you can go anywhere you want for however long you want. You don’t have to run it by anyone, ask for a ride, or check bus schedules. After a while, though, the costs start to pile up. The price of gas is an up-and-down roller coaster, and it’s hard to say from month to month how much it will cost to fill up.  The most significant killer when it comes to automobile costs, however, is car insurance. Insurance premiums vary depending on your driving record and your position in life, but most drivers can agree on one thing: they’re too high. If you don’t need a car to get around, you might as well sell the car you have and put that insurance money towards things you want.

Traffic Is A Hassle

Traffic Jam

No one likes to be stuck in traffic on their way into work–or worse, on the way home from work. If you live in a city with a high population, rush hour traffic can be nearly unbearable. It’s possible you’ll spend more time stalled on the highway than driving. If you live in a city that has reliable public transportation, especially a light rail or subway system, you may be able to avoid commuting woes better without a car. Sell your car today, and take a train to work tomorrow. You may find the commute as a preferable option.

You’re Not Using It Much Anyway

Car In Driveway

Maybe you needed a car at one point, but now it just sits in the garage for days on end. If you work from home, or you use public transportation regularly, your vehicle might not get enough use to justify the insurance and maintenance costs. If you only use your automobile once or twice a week at best, it may make more sense to sell it than keep it, especially with the rise in popularity for rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

It’s Seen Better Days

Junk Sedan

Your sedan isn’t meant to last forever, and after a while, even the best-kept car will pass its prime. Also, if it is too old to be functionally used, you can still sell it for parts. You can put the money you get from your old clunker towards a new one or decide to put it away in savings. Your choice.

Going Green

smart car

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to start taking public transportation or rideshares. Automotive emission gases are among the most dangerous pollutants in our air today. Many automotive manufacturers are creating hybrid or low-emission solutions, but environmentalists still feel that the best way to go green is to walk, bike, or make use of public transportation. It’s also healthier for you overall, as it allows you to get moving rather than sitting while driving.

Selling Has Never Been Easier


Compared to the access we have now, selling your ride used to be much more difficult. You had to know where to go for an exact quote, wait for the quote, and then find a dealer or a friend of a friend who needed a car. Now with the internet, you can simply post an ad or use an app to sell to interested buyers. There are services like Driveo that offer you a quote via email in minutes and take care of all the paperwork for the sale, so all you have to do is pick up a check. In this age of instant information, selling your vehicle is much faster and less painful than it was in times past.

Selling sooner rather than later can be a great way to make some cash now and save hundreds in the months to come. Even if you aren’t ready to give up having your ride entirely, selling could be the first step towards finding the perfect car for your life.

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Denis Gusakov is a founder of Driveo and Auto City. Driveo is a start up that aims to eliminate all the pains and hassles involved in selling a used car. Auto City is an established car dealership in San Diego, CA that has been named 2017 Dealer of the Year by DealerRater. Denis runs 2 automotive blogs focused on all aspects of car buying (The Used Car Blog: goautocity.com/blog) and selling (Driveo Blog: driveo.com/blog). The goal of both blogs is to educate automotive audience everywhere about common issues, tips and hacks when it comes to buying and selling a used car. Denis has an MBA from Marshall Goldsmith School of Management and has been a car industry professional for over 10 years.