The influence technology has on the development of humanity has always been profound. These days, when our childhood dreams have become a reality and as the world of tech trends continues to evolve at a relentless pace, the last reach of the movement set in motion in the wake of the Information Technologies iare hard to predict. However, the fact that we don’t know the final destination of our journey doesn’t mean that we don’t know the direction we are going. So, what technology trends will we see in 2017?

Ongoing Dominance of Mobile Devices

Since Google virtually phased out all the websites that weren’t ready to follow the “mobile friendly” narrative, we can say that 2016 was a pretty significant year for mobile technology. It is now up to Microsoft to finally push its long-awaited Surface Phone to the market and finally bring down the walls separating the desktop and the mobile realms, feature-wise. Be it as it may, mobile devices will continue to dominate the world of consumer technology, causing tectonic changes in the marketing industry as a result.

3D Printing

Putting 3D printing technology on the “hot new technologies” list is like beating a dead horse. However, it’s hard not to notice that 3D printing has just passed its infancy and we are finally learning how to grasp this amazing concept. The area where this technology is expected to make the biggest difference is probably health care. Shortly, we’ll be able to print not only joints and kneecaps but complete organs as well. We hope we’ll see the first steps in 2017.

3D printing

Virtual Reality

Another technology that’s been with us since forever (at least conceptually), but it’s only now becoming usable. As expected, the wind that finally pushed the VR into the mainstream came from the gaming industry, but make no mistake – the possible implementations of VR in education, training, industry and entertainment are limitless. It is up to us to connect the dots, and see how the current technology can work together with this technology and finally unlock VR’s full application potential.


Internet of Things

If you’d tried to explain IoT to someone just a couple of decades ago, that person would probably think that we are just a few steps away from nuclear holocaust. However, the world in which your fridge knows it’s empty and makes grocery orders, and factories are run entirely by robots holds up surprisingly well. 2017 will be no different. The devices around us will become even better connected and more automated, while our role in the mundane daily chores will slowly be reduced to machine maintenance.


The word “drones” probably doesn’t conjure too pleasant associations. Truly, UAV’s are very often misused. But, if used well, this technology can change the world. Even now, drones can make rope bridges without any human assistance. In 2017 their functionality will continue to progress, and their range of application will grow even more. Expect to see a whole slew of human activities ranging from architecture and geotechnical engineering to transportation and movie industry forever changed by these vehicles very soon.

The Development of Search Engine Algorithms

It is very easy to believe search engines as less than impressive technology, but remember – we are living in a world where knowledge is not measured by what we know, but rather how fast we can google up information. Fortunately, search engine algorithms are constantly developing and will continue to improve in times to come. The technology trends in 2017 are stronger push forward by Facebook and Bing.

Although these six mentions are far from the complete list of advancements we’ll see in the following year, they are important foundations for the future developments. Keep an eye on them. Some very exciting things are brewing on the horizon.

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