PayRange has just partnered with The Canadian National Vending Alliance (CNVA) to bring mobile payments like Apple Pay to 100% of their vending machines across Canada.

PayRange is a free App that is available for iOS and Android that allows you to make purchases. The App is loaded with a debit card, credit card, Android Pay or Apple Pay.

The platform that PayRange uses allows CNVA to bring cashless payments to all of their vending machines without an expensive upgrade.  All they will need to do is install the BluKey™ dongle that is installed within minutes.


“The CNVA prides its self on addressing the needs of consumers and with more people becoming increasingly cashless, we realized we needed a mobile payment solution to bring to all our machines,” said Steve Tremblay, President of the Canadian National Vending Alliance. “With the PayRange p[platform, we’re able to provide consumers with a greater choice not only in how to pay but also in what they can purchase from the machine as they are no longer constrained by the change in their pockets.”

PayRange also provides payment solutions for amusement parks, laundry vendors and more. With flexible payment options like Apple Pay, Android Pay or only use your debit or credit card, you can pay with ease.

The CNVA consists of nine of the largest independent vending companies in Canada. They service vending machines that serve cold drinks, coffee, snacks, and fresh and frozen foods.

You can download it on iOS here and for Android here.

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