Landmines claim the lives of many innocent civilians around the world yearly. While the damage caused by these explosive devices are a terrible reminder of the harsh reality of war, it often times seems to be children who are the most affected.

A new KICKSTARTER campaign by Massoud Hassani and his brother Mahmud Hassani, looks to help in the demining process with the Mine Kafon Drone, which could potentially eliminate the world’s landmines in under 10 years.

These brothers  who grew up in Afghanistan, saw the many horrors landmines have caused in their home country. Fueled by a passion and a desire to make the world a safer place, the duo founded The Mine Kafon Foundation based in the Netherlands.

This unmanned demining system is one of those startup projects which truly has real-world value, and could make the world’s war zones a safer place for millions of people.

The Mine Kafon Drone

One of the biggest issues facing many drone manufacturers is producing a product with acceptable battery range. Many of these consumer-grade aircraft, typically see flight times from 8 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the payload.

With a 130K stretch goal, which has already been surpassed as of this writing, Hassani and his team will have the resources they need to equip the MKD with hydrogen batteries. This translates to flight times of up to 3 hours.

This Drone, not only demines up to 20 times faster than traditional technologies, it’s some 200 times cheaper than its competitors.

How MKD Eliminates Landmines

mine kafon drone queen maxima
Presenting the Mine Kafon drone to Queen Maxima at the Singularity U expo in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

According to the provided stats on the funding page, there are 100 million landmines around the world. An astonishing amount, which sees 10 civilians badly damaged or killed daily.

From Africa to Cambodia, more than 60 countries around the world are dealing with this clear and present danger.

Traditional methods include people, animals, and vehicles working together to demine an area, which often times causes injury or claim the lives of those working to rid the earth of this danger.


Using GPS with aerial 3D mapping, MKD can survey an area by laying out waypoints. It then uses a robotic metal arm and hovers 4cm above the ground for mine detection.

Once these mines are detected, the robotic arm places a detonator that explodes the mine. It’s a safe way of getting rid of these explosive devices without anyone getting harmed in the process.

Here are some advantages of using MKD as laid out by the product team:

  •  The MKD is completely casualty free and operates at a reduced cost to traditional methods.
  •  Its modular system can be enhanced through the addition of sensors and tools, allowing the MKD to perform a wide variety of tasks.
  • The ability to map the area covered by the demining operation creates a wealth of information to aid the decision-making processes for on-going operations.
  • Planning of demining procedures is made easier by the scanning process, allowing information to be gathered about at-risk areas before the demining begins.
  • The data from each operation is collected and analysed in a structured and systematic way.

This project needs the backing of supporters to take their working prototype to the next level of manufacturing.

If you want to support this crowdfunding campaign, just head over to KICKSTARTER, or help spread the word through social media.

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