I love the Alfa Romeo Giulia. If said it a thousand times I’ll say it a thousand times more. I just adore the thing. After producing dull and dreary cars for decades, the Giulia marked the official return of Alfa Romeo as we know it. The 8C and the subsequent baby 4C that followed were little glimmers of hope that Alfa Romeo still had some passion for them, but the Giulia completely cemented any doubt I had.

The Giulia isn’t just another re-badge made to rake in a quick profit. It’s an all-new car sitting on its platform, designed explicitly by Alfa to fit this purpose. I remember thinking to myself: “That looks amazing but it will drive average-ish at best” the first time I saw it. Boy was I wrong.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia came out punching with the Quadrifoglio edition launched right at the beginning. A four-door sedan with a Ferrari-sourced 2.9-liter V6 producing 505 horsepower, offered both with an eight-speed auto and the trusty old six-speed manual. It’s as close to a four-door mini Ferrari as we’re ever going to get, and it genuinely feels like one too.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia enters Car and Driver’s 10Best

Small wonder then, that the guys over at Car and Driver decided to name it to their annual “10Best Cars” list for 2018. It’s not just the flagship Quadrofoglio version which made the cut either, but the rest of the ‘everyday’ Giulia lineup. A car that you and me, the average person, can afford and drive.

Car and Driver’s “10Best Cars” is a unique take on awarding vehicles for their stellar performance and outstanding achievements. It takes into consideration cars which come in below $80,000, but rather than awarding/nominating cars based on their production year, they take previous winners from the year before and add them to the mix up for this year. Theoretically, a car can remain at the top of this list forever, provided no other car surpasses them. The fact that even the normal Alfa Romeo Giulia made the cut speaks volumes of its capabilities.

The great cabin offers lots of comfort and practicality, but who are we kidding, we’re all in love with the way it looks and the way it drives. A 3-Series doesn’t stand a chance against the Giulia regarding design, and even the redesigned C-Class is no match for its sheer beauty and elegance. It manages to capture a striking yet effortless appearance without also trying. It has to be the best-looking sedan of the last decade, if not more.

Motor Trend also name the Alfa Romeo Giulia their car of the year

It boasts best in class driving dynamics too. I expected it to be a cut below the equivalent 3-Series and C-Class rivals, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. The Giulia wiped the floor clean with the Beemer and the Merc, not to mention Audi’s offering. As a driver’s car with an excellent chassis, even the base Giulia doesn’t have a competitive rival yet.

On a side note, Motor Trend also named it their Car of the Year, and rightfully so. It came out of nowhere and captured everyone’s heart. It’s not just the car you would like to own, but the car you need to own.

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