It’s been almost three years when Andy Rubin, creator of the Android OS, quit Google and embarked on his ambitious project of making a smartphone. Andy further went ahead to form his company Essential and has presented his first Essential Phone.

The company, for now, has released the renders of the handset along with its graphics. The first glimpse of the handset shows it to be a very promising piece of smart gadget following up with the latest design trends, stylish looks and baked with high-end hardware for a power-packed performance.

The first glimpse of the handset shows it to be a promising piece, incorporating the latest design trends which feature stylish looks paired with more than capable hardware.

The Essential Phone

The image shows the Essential Phone having an impressive ede-to-edge display, similar to that in the Galaxy S8 along with small bezels which are visible at the bottom. The handset has a 5.6inch screen that

The handset has a 5.6inch screen that extends to the top as the front camera rolls down in a small space with a tiny gap.

Moreover, Essential claims that the display is made with a combination of ceramic and titanium components, making it stronger than what’s found within latest Apple and Samsung flagships.

The Essential will have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage with no option to expand that.

Moreover, it will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset which puts it on pace with the Galaxy S8/S8+.

There is also a dual camera setup. The second lens will be using a monochrome sensor capable of taking in more light than a traditional color camera and can produce excellent results even in low light conditions. Towards the front will be an 8MP camera with 4K recording feature.

The Essential Phone Rear Camera

Essential will be shipped with a 360 camera which can be clipped to the handset. Also, with the absence of 3.5mm jack, the company is said to ship a headphone dongle instead.

There is little word on the software side of things, but the company is expected to have a very minimalistic approach backed with fast and responsive behavior.

Essential Phone Colors

Essential says that it will first launch this phone in the U.S. markets for a price of $699. However, the exact date of availability is still unknown.

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