While surfing the internet last night, I came across an article on Digitaljournal.com about a company named On Time Website Traffic, which is a New Jersey company claiming that it has a new way of bringing quality visitors to a website.

Many webmasters across the internet that have young or old websites know how difficult it can be to get into the top 5 search results for keywords in search engine land.

On Time Website Traffic, claims they will  generate quality backlinks to a site within a short amount of time which will help boost that website to the top of Google and other search engine rankings.

I’ve never used their service and to be honest this is the first I’ve heard about them. Maybe they can deliver on their claims or maybe they can’t.

Just by me browsing their website to get a better understanding about what they do as a company, has already raised some red flags for me.

Maybe its just me, but I don’t understand why there are images of major corporations on their site such as ABC News, CBS News, NBC News and Fox News.

Have these companies used their service? Or, are there promises that On Time Website Traffic will give you back links from these companies? I’m not sure.

And even more worrying is this short paragraph about how this company will generate back links to a site.

Our team of professional link builders generates efficient back links to any website. The team will build you numerous back links non-stop. The links will be created around the clock to make it 100% natural.That is just the start of our offers. Please click the services button above.

I highly doubt a professional team of SEO workers will work around the clock to generate back links, sounds like an automated process to me.

And any seasoned webmaster knows how Google views unnatural back links to a site, especially a newly registered domain with thousands of back links pointing to it.

It’s hard for many new websites to get decent amounts of traffic and webmasters have to constantly try to stay ahead of the trends.

While gaining back links are a great asset for a website’s success because it counts as a vote in the eyes of search engines for that particular site, the quality of links directed there are what matters the most. Quality over quantity….

On Time Website Traffic, also has a bunch of main points on their webpage that’s pretty much common knowledge these days:

  • The top three websites on Google’s first page earn 40% – 50% more than any other websites.
  • The average person only looks on the first and second page when searching for something.
  • The Yellow Pages are dead…This traditional advertising doesn’t work as good as it used too.
  • Google loves the constant flow of links and nothing could be more powerful then giving your  website more fresh links daily with –  On Time Web Site Traffic.

And then when I clicked back to the Digital Journal for the main article, I’m still wondering what the new solution is, that this SEO company is offering, because the title of the article reads:

“SEO Company Announces A New Solution For Bringing Quality Visitors To Websites”
Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2625000#ixzz3h9D1Q8pL

Then as I headed back to On Time Website Traffic, I can’t find an About Us page anywhere! Just buttons for FAQ, Success Stories, Press release, and why in the heck is that clock sitting there in the first place?

Then when I tried to call the main Number to get some questions answered: 856-448-6510 I am greeted with an automated message saying

In order to reach the Magic Jack Customer from the phone you are using they must have previously placed a call to you on this phone, Please have the Magic Jack customer call you on the number from you are currently calling from and then you will then be able to place calls to them from your phone“.

Magic Jack

Magic Jack?! Seriously?

Calling Tech Support is just as bad: 406-838-6693, because it relies on Google Voice to connect the call with an agent.

And tech support email is sent to Gadgetguy13@gmail.com

I’m not too sure about On Time Website Traffic, and would recommend anyone to be cautious about using their service or better yet not to use it at all.

There are many reputable SEO Companies out there that will do an excellent job in helping you with your website.

Remember SEO isn’t a one time thing, and is something that has to continuously be worked on.

As for On Time Website Traffic! I just have to smh…

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