Watch how Bill Gates tricks Jimmy Fallon into drinking processed sewage water from the Omniprocessor machine, earlier this week on his show.

Gates latest efforts is to bring awareness about the lack of clean drinking water in countries such as Africa. He has partnered with engineers to build a machine that can treat waste water turning it into usable electricity and drinking water. Together, their plans are to help reduce diseases from untreated water, in hopes to bring clean accessible water to the poorest countries on the planet.

Janicki Omniprocessor
Janicki Omniprocessor


Jimmy now has to try to see if he can make out the difference from regular drinking water, versus that which was processed from the Omniprocessor. Fallon doesn’t know which one is the bottled water versus the one from the machine, and has to prep himself for the taste test. But Bill pulls a fast one on him, and you’ll have to watch the video below to find out what occurs next.

Source: YouTube

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