I’m an avid Mercedes fan, I have no trouble admitting that. Although I like the normal model lineup quite a lot, my heart goes out to AMG and Maybach. Two of the finest brands if you want a sporty/luxury vehicle, respectively. In the world of fast Mercedes cars though, BRABUS kind of reigns supreme doesn’t it?

Thought the new Mercedes S63 4Matic and the Mercedes-Maybach S 650 are impressive? Think again. BRABUS just launched their own iteration of these two amazing cars, and the end results are nothing short of astonishing. We’re talking about a full upgrade, head to toe.

The first upgrade, called the BRABUS B40-700 PowerXtra performance upgrade, breathes fresh new life into the S63 4Matic.

The S63, if you were wondering, is an absurdly fast automobile.

It’s so fast that you can’t exploit more than 50 percent of its power 99 percent of the time.

So when BRABUS adds another 88 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque on top of that, the results are, shall we say explosive. The resulting figure is 700 HP and 701 lb-ft torque.

The BRABUS 900 and the BRABUS 700
The BRABUS 900 and the BRABUS 700

The exterior of the S63 has been tampered with as well. In addition to receiving the ‘murdered out’ treatment, it also gets a new rear bumper with a naked carbon diffuser and tailor-made cutoffs for the exhaust.

There’s a new bumper up front too, and a set of unique BRABUS wheels.

The cabin has been clapped out as well, with BRABUS upgrading most of the materials to ones of higher quality. If you’ve ever been in a normal S63, you’ll know how difficult, or should I say impossible, it is to upgrade the cabin.

BRABUS is known for extensively tunning the heck out of Mercedes’ vehicles, but their latest upgrade for the Maybach S650 takes the cake when it comes to crazy modifications.

Let’s start with the engine since most of you want to hear the ridiculous power figures first and foremost.

BRABUS took the S650’s 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12, bored it out to 6.3 liters and fiddled with the turbochargers for more boost. Queue ridiculous power figures: 900 horsepower and an unholy 1,106 lb-ft of torque.

That’s an increase of 370 horsepower over standard, or around 70 percent if you want to be scientific. Bear in mind that this is not some crazy tuner car, but rather a factory, warranty-backed product which comes with all the Mercedes goodies one would expect.

New Maybach

Being a BRABUS-tweaked Maybach, this S650 lacks no luxury qualities. The exterior gets different bumpers, an aero package and BRABUS 22-inch forged wheels, with the cabin offering an unlimited choice of Alcantara leather, wood, and carbon. As an effortless way to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles, I can’t think of a better weapon of choice, Bentley and Rolls-Royce included.

The 900 is capable of catapulting to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds and tops out at well over 217 mph. German AUTO BILD magazine recently hosted a 0-3000 meter event, where the BRABUS rocket was able to really stretch its legs. Take a look and try not to awe in amazement:

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