The Future Of Wearable Technologies



Brain Scanning With Wearable Technology 2014


Wearable technology is fast on the rise. More companies are investing large sums of capital to be the first, in creating the next big hit. One of the most popular and controversial of the lot, is Google Glass. A wearer is able to put on Google Glass, while being connected to the web and Google services. Snapping photos and taking videos will never be the same with Glass. But brain scanning with wearable technology similar to Google Glass is a very real thing now. According to wearable technology expert  Tony Gaitatzis, augmented reality glasses and similar devices will change the way mobile ads are delivered and data collected. A wearer with a device such as Glass, could have his or her brain scanned to detect moods and taste by examining the brain activity. Tony Gaitatzis is part of a company that develops such technologies that watch the human brain and its functions.

The potential is incredible and hyper-targeted to the point where it is no longer advertising. Let’s say a person goes to Barclays and geolocation recognizes this, maybe it’s time to start advertising Barclays to them.

Tony is the chief technology officer of the company, PND. The wearable tech that they are developing will scan emotions, moods, and health of the person wearing the device. Marketers will have new insights on how to market their products to consumers. The technology is a brave step in a new world, that many consumers might not be all to eager to dive into. Privacy concerns will bound to arise along with the use of such tech. The PND wearable device will also gather data from social media accounts and geolocations to give marketers a better understanding of how to target potential customers better than ever.

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