Well it seems like it was just another day at the office for conservative British MP Nigel Mills. And like so many Facebook users out there, he most likely fell victim to another Candy Crush invite with its compelling gameplay. It’s not so much that Mills was playing the popular game, but rather he was playing during a pension debate quietly.  Well a picture speaks a thousand words and this one is no different. The photo which was published by the Sun Newspaper shows Nigel holding his tablet in an upright position with his left hand, swiping lines of candy in a rather nonchalant way while the debate was going on.

Nigel Mills Candy Crush Saga

After the photo was published, Nigel Mills excuse for the blunder was:

There was a bit of the meeting I wasn’t focusing on and I probably had a game or two

But a little while after he had no option but to apologize for the incident to which he also Tweeted:

I apologise unreservedly for my behaviour at the committee meeting and realise it fell short of what is expected of a member of Parliament

I’m sure the debate on pension reforms must not be the most thrilling of subjects in parliament. But as a member he should understand that public scrutiny is ever crouching at the door. And the fact that a photo was taken during a Parliamentary meeting without authorization is a cause for further investigation by the authorities.

I may be wrong, but Mills surely can’t be the only member of Parliament to have ever done this, and most likely wasn’t the first time he’d had ever played it in a meeting also. But what’s done is done and hopefully he won’t repeat the same mistake again. You’d have to be pretty bored out of your mind to whip out the iPad to play a  video game, crushing candy sweets at they swipe of your finger, while on the job. I’m sure some tax payers won’t appreciate a Parliament member playing games at work.

Source: BBC News 


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