The latest iPhones have been unveiled, the Galaxy Note 8 is available today, and now it is Google’s turn to wow customers into buying the Pixel 2.

And if Ars Technica is correct, which they probably are since Google is hinting at it, then we can expect a launch date of October 4th for Google’s next flagship smartphones.

I’ve always loved the pure vanilla Android flavor for its simplicity and the first in line for the latest updates.

In fact, the first post I wrote on TechMalak was about the Nexus 5 back in 2013.

Fast forward close to four years later, and the Pixel branded devices are just a few weeks away from taking the world stage.

Far from a developer’s phone for testing Android as it was back in the day, Google’s 2017 flagship phones feature high-end specs and a price to match.

There will be two devices with names yet to be confirmed. Most likely they will be called the Pixel 2 which will be made by HTC, and the Pixel 2 XL by LG.

OIS is something we’d like to see in this year’s pair of Pixel devices.

Since many smartphone users opt for their phones to take videos and pictures, it only makes sense to include this feature.

It made sense last year, but we didn’t get that from the current offerings.

If rumors of two front-facing stereo speakers come true, then that would be a sweet bonus for users as well.

But how will a pair of speakers affect the size of the device? The smaller Pixel 2 with a display size of just under 5-inches might be manageable for some with the extra bulk.

The larger 6-inch Pixel 2 XL might be a touch unwieldy but may be perfect for people like me who like larger phones.

It all depends on how Google manages to integrate those speakers into the phone’s form factor.

A form factor that’s expected to feature a premium design, in Google’s eyes that is.

Last year’s phone left many of us with the feelings of wanting for something more than just a dull metal frame, with cold colors.

Much of the leaks tend to point much of what we got last year regarding the design.

Here is a render of potentially what we could see in October by @OnLeaks:

It will be okay though, as most of us, including myself, buy a protective case and a screen protector.

What benefit is a premium design on a smartphone if you cover it up with a case anyway?

You’ll want to protect it because you are going to pay a premium price for both devices.

Pricing is not confirmed, and since products usually don’t tend to sell for less than they did last year, you can expect to pay at least $770 for the base variant, and well over $800 for the XL.

Still, there are some people out there who either slap on skins or use the phone without a case.

And that’s perfectly fine, because of the main draw for me at least, is the latest version of Android.

Android 8.0.1 Oreo, is expected to run on the Pixel 2 and 2 XL which will put it ahead of the other Android vendors in the software department.

And that’s where these two phones are going to shine for me. Design and pricing aside, it is the software side which is at the core of what Google is offering.

Timely security patches, updates, and new features have always been a hallmark of these branded phones, and we will expect nothing less for 2017.

Will the Pixel 2 and XL 2 out-sell Samsung and Apple’s flagships? Probably not.

Those two behemoths command the lions share of the premium segment, and they aren’t going to give up their positions anytime soon.

Still, Google will showcase probably their best-branded devices yet next month, and they will likely sell well.

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