Curiosity Rover Snaps Earth


Curiosity Rover Takes Its First Photo Of Earth From Mars Surface

On its 529th Martian day, Curiosity Rover takes a photo of earth while on Mars. At 160 Kilometers, Rover’s incredible lens grabs an exact shot of its home base. Its mission is to find out if the martian planet was ever able to sustain any form of microbial life. Curiosity Rover will also help pave the way for any human exploration of the red planet.

Curiosity Rover Specs

Always ready to give a report, Rover took to its Twitter account to tell us of its photo. Although NASA states that if humans were able to stand on Mars, they too would be able to see Earth from the martian planet, with Earth being visible as a bright evening star. Curiosity is now awaiting orders from NASA on where next to explore. The unforgiving martian surface is a concern for NASA, as Rover’s wheels got a bit of damage from the rocky surface while traveling. Rover will then await order to continue its Mars exploration mission.

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