As the Labour Day weekend approaches, we are being reminded by the OPP, that distracted drivers are the cause of twice as many deaths on our roads than impaired driving in 2016.

It’s still common to see some drivers texting or playing with their mobile devices while behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The police have consistently warned against the dangers of texting and driving, but it seems as if those words are falling on deaf ears.

They will be out on highways and public roads this Labour Day weekend keeping a watchful eye. The OPP says as of this year August, 38 deaths involved a distracted driver, versus 19 for impaired driving.

Distracted Drivers

Sometimes those involved in this dangerous habit don’t always lose their lives. In many cases, severe long-term physical and psychological damages are the results.

The fines for using a hand-held mobile device in this country aren’t cheap. Ontario has one of the highest penalties for distracted drivers.

The table below is from CAA which details the various fines that can be incurred in Canada depending on which province the offense is committed.

Province Fine Demerits Into Effect
British Columbia* $543** first offense
$888*** second offense
4 June 1, 2016
Alberta $287 3 January 1, 2016
Saskatchewan $280 4 June 2014
Manitoba $200 5 July 2015
Ontario* $490-$1000 3 September 1, 2015
Quebec $80 – $100 4 April 2015
Newfoundland and Labrador $100 – $400 4 April 2003
Prince Edward Island $500 – $1200 5 Summer 2015
Nova Scotia $233.95 first offense
$348.95-second offense
$578.95 subsequent offences
4 February 2015
New Brunswick $172.50 3 June 2011
Yukon $250 3 April 2011
Northwest Territories $322-644 **** 3 May 2016
Nunavut Nothing at this time

OPP Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair urges passengers to realize the dangers when a driver isn’t paying attention, by using their voice and speaking up on safe driving.

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