This year Stuttgart will be home to the oldest and biggest industry event taking place annually: the “International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition,” or EVS for short. Set to be held over the course of three days, from October 9 to October 11, some 5,000 experts from around the globe will meet and discuss the latest technologies, trends, and breakthroughs made in electromobility. Seeing as how it takes place in Porsche’s hometown, it was only logical for Porsche to sponsor the event, along with Daimler, Bosch, Mahle and EnBW.

Porsche Mission-E concept
Porsche Mission-E concept

At a recent press conference at the Messe Stuttgart exhibition center, the five companies mentioned above sent over representatives to discuss what each brand was planning and what heading they would take.

Porsche, the leader of the bunch, had sent Otmar Bitsche, Director for Electronic Engineering, who explained what they had in store.

As his primary focus, he pinpointed two issues. First, how vital extensive fast charging infrastructure is for all electric vehicles, not just Porsche’s. Second, he expressed the goal Porsche had set out for themselves to create a concept of “80% charge in 15 minutes”. The idea is simple. Charge fast so you can drive more. Their first purely electric vehicle is already in the making, and it’s only a matter of time before we see it become a reality.

We’re certainly looking forward to the exhibition and symposium in October. It will cover four major topics: production concept, regional mobility concepts, mobility solutions and mass-market penetration. If you want to find out where the EV is headed and what current manufacturers make of the whole electromobility trend, make sure to tune in back in October when the entire saga kicks off.

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