Sometimes it takes a lot of soul searching to know if a product is worth hanging onto, especially one that’s been around for decades. BlackBerry, in the midst of a transition, now decides to launch a new product for software and app developers in the hopes of making more money.

Because of BlackBerry’s secure technologies, BBM is turning into a new product called BBM Enterprise SDK.

Available for the Android and iOS platform later in February, this subscription-based service opens up the door for new possibilities. As explained to the Financial Post by Blackberry execs, BBM Enterprise SDK can allow experts like emergency room surgeons to securely send encrypted files, voice, video and SMS messages across the same field.

BBM Enterprise SDK Platform

According to BlackBerry, here are some of the options made available to developers:

  • Secure Messaging: 1:1 chat and group chatting; message quoting, retraction, editing and deletion
  • Secure Voice and Video Communications: 1:1 voice and video calling; accept an incoming voice or video call while app is running in the background; display a thumbnail preview of the video call; view video call in full screen
  • Secure File Sharing and Collaboration: share files, text, contact cards, media, data, and location
  • Secure Real-time Notifications: push notifications; messaging and collaboration-related notifications


It’s been a mostly bumpy ride for BlackBerry as the company failed to gain back the once dominate market share it held on to. Through the ups and downs and struggles, it’s becoming clearer they need to find extra revenue streams.

The Software Development Kit allows developers to open up and integrate better applications and services.

Marty Beard, Chief Operating Officer, BlackBerry:

We are opening up a new revenue stream for the company with a fully cloud-based communication service that is designed to help developers, ISVs, and enterprises meet the most demanding security and compliance requirements.

It’s mostly all about security for organizations. The fear of a hack or a breach is something companies think on daily, and the demand for better solutions in enhancing safety is a high one.

With BB launching its new cloud-based service, it’s more than likely medium and large firms are going to take advantage of the new platform.

If you want more information about BBM Enterprise SDK, just visit the link and sign up for the webinar.

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