We have seen many exciting leaked photos of HTC’s One M9 due to be announced pretty soon now. These newly leaked photos from Phandroid, show us the most clearest pictures of phone yet. We see a design much similar to the M8, which isn’t a bad thing, considering it remains one of the best looking smartphones on the market.

HTC One M9 Front Leak

One thing I can appreciate judging by these photos, is how the company decided to move the power button from the top right down to the more comfortable right-side position of the phone. Powering on and off the M8 is a chore, especially when its in a case, because it’s too hard to reach and just plain awkward all the time. Tapping the screen is great for unlocking, but only works most of the time, with having to resort back to the hardware button for power. It’s changes such as these and attention to detail that consumers love and keep us coming back for more.

The source close to Phandroid, confirms the authenticity of these leaks, and this should be very similar to the final design for production. There isn’t any more concrete information on any further specs, other than what we already know. Mainly it’s expected, the Snapdragon 810-processor will be powering the Hima in 64-bit form with a much-needed 20 megapixel rear camera.

HTC One M9 Hima Face Leak

HTC can only build upon what it has in a solid platform now, that’s widely praised by many smartphone enthusiasts, and really has no need to stray too far away from its current design philosophy. While rival company Samsung, is having to do away with its plastic ways, companies like HTC can further focus on the core user experience, giving us more of what we need in our devices without having to worry about looks. Not tons of useless features, and bloatware, but a convenient way that allows us to have access to the media and services we love to consume daily will strike the right chord among customers.

We absolutely love the direction HTC is headed in, and if they can keep making solid flagship devices, and improve their marketing and promotion efforts, they may just find themselves back in the top spot for Android smartphones in the near future.

Source: Phandroid



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