GasBuddy for Android is an older app that I thought I would give a review on, just because with the price of fuel these days, it’s great to get the cheapest gas you can find to fill up your whip(car). Of course if you don’t have a mobile phone you can still visit online to find the best prices near you. And what I also like about this app is that its FREE! GasBuddy uses your GPS and the latest reports of cheap gas to get you to the nearest station. I like the way the user interface is set up allowing you to opt out of registration the first time you start the app on your mobile device.

Me about to run out of gas looking for the nearest station

I was about to run out of fuel today while on the road and thought to lookup the nearest station close by and found one just around the corner to be the cheapest in town. Hey! a free app that saves a bit of money on sky-high fuel prices is a bonus in my books! You can search by city or ZIP code, or simply click Find Gas Near Me which is the option I used and it worked.

Nearest Stations that cost an arm and a leg for fuel

If you need directions you can pull up the map view feature to the bottom right, that brings up your location relative to the nearest search results you requested. Another nice feature to have is the sort by price tab that does what it says, which is to sort the fuel prices by distance or price. You even have tabs at the top of the screen to select the desired grade of fuel regular, midgrade,premium and diesel.

I have to say that this is a handy little app, and if you are like the rest of people trying to get the cheapest fuel you will find Gasbuddy an excellent little tool to have on your smartphone for free.

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