Google isn’t afraid to experiment with new technology. They’re often at the forefront of pioneering, and for sold reasons. Their latest app however, is the most lucrative so far.

Google likes to fully test an idea before it officially launches it. They did small-group tests with their autonomous cars before, and they’re doing it again with the Bulletin. The new app is being tested in Oakland, California and Nashville, Tennessee. And since it’s in the testing phase, it’s still considered in alpha phase.

What Is It?

In essence, it’s an app designed specifically for sharing local news stories. Think of it as Facebook or Twitter, only here the articles and posts are reserved for news. It’s a type of social media outlet if you will. A way for local communities to share what’s going on around them without having to turn to the news.

The idea, on paper at least, sounds promising. You’ll be able to hear about major events in your area easily, something you normally never would have found out about. Naturally, really major news will still make it to the actual news with big broadcasting companies at the forefront.

Users will be able to share news about local bookstore readings, high school sporting events or even information about local street closures. Practically everything that concerns a community in a smaller area. The posts, pictures, and videos can be found on Google search too, or even shared via email or messaging apps.

Google Bulleten

Google is keen to see how people will use the app in its first initial pilot phase. If everything goes to plan and the app is successful, they’ll further upgrade and improve it. The idea is that people will start using it to share stories relevant to those around them and bring the entire community together.

In reality, I don’t think that the application will catch on as much as Google think it will. Regular social media is already widespread, and people aren’t keen on using another app just to post news or relevant event information. They still have Facebook and Twitter for that. If it manages to introduce something major which revolutionizes the way we think of social media and posting articles on social media, then perhaps.

With the information we’re given about Bulletin however, It’s highly unlikely that people will immediately switch over and start using it over the equivalent competitors. It’s one of those ideas which sound great on paper, but people won’t be bothered by it in reality. It’s a shame because I like the concept.

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