Reports claim the new Google Glass may be able to display holographic projections, based on a recent patent filed by the tech titan.

The first iteration of Google Glass was a total wash in terms of public and critical reception. Consumers found the device too expensive, despite its interesting premise of a connected set of eyewear. Many critics found it too cumbersome and awkward-looking, while privacy advocates treated Glass like the plague, fearing it would allow users to take photos and videos without the subject being aware of it, essentially letting users spy on others people. That all led to Glass being shelved by Google, and getting a “reboot” of sorts, with Nest guru Tony Fadell now overseeing the so-called “Project Aura.”

Fast forward to the present, the new Google Glass is still very much in the development stage, and the company is being very cagey about its plans, working on the new device as a top-secret project. And its latest patent on a “head wearable display” is obviously referring to Google Glass, allowing for a more immersive user experience on an augmented reality device.  Basically, it allows Glass to blend CGI graphics with a real-world view, resulting in a 3D effect for Glass wearers.

New Google Glass

It also offers a wider field of view and is easier to wear, thus addressing some of the main concerns with the original Glass on a technical standpoint.

As this is just a patent, it’s not assured that Google will actually follow through on its patent application. The patent hasn’t even been approved, so there’s also that to consider as well. But if it does get approved, the new Google Glass could have some interesting applications, such as enhanced electronic experiences for gamers, interactive 3D interfaces for the workplace, or real-time navigation, among others. And it could also be a way for Google to bake in augmented reality content creator Magic Leap’s technology, when time comes for the company to take the wraps off Google Glass’ successor.

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