Google Co-founders

Google Inc looks to add your Google Profile in advertisements coming November 11, 2013 as it aims to compete with Facebook in the social marketing arena. In Google’s Terms Of Service  the explain their new service that will enable you to see reviews and recommendations from your friends and families on a particular subject, item, service etc. Lets say you like a local store for their products and your Google Plus’s or comments on the store, your friends and families will be able to see it to help you feel better about the services. Users under the age of 18 with a Google Profile are excluded from the service while users over the age of 18 will have options to adjust or even block this new feature, as some will because of the growing concerns over privacy protection from companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

“Feedback from people you know can save you time and improve results for you and your friends across all Google services,” Google statements.

We will likely know more about how this new service will work in the near future as users of Google’s service will seek more information on the matter.

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