The race to skies have begun before we even knew it, with big companies such as Amazon, Domino’s Pizza and now Google which all have plans to build their own drone delivery service. Google’s drone, dubbed Project Wing is the company’s idea to give disaster relief by delivering emergency supplies to people in effected areas quicker than ground based emergency response vehicles.

The FAA still bans most commercial drone use in the U.S, but that’s not stopping the internet search giant’s push to get its drone delivery service underway. It’s still in its early stages of development, which has gone on for the past two years secretly until now. Given the company’s huge cash stockpile, Google has great lobbying power that its spends roughly $141 million dollars per year lobbying.

Project Wing is 4.9ft wide with four propellers which are electrically driven, giving it a total weight net weight of 22lbs. Google is in a race against Amazon to be the first to bring its drone delivery to the skies. Amazon has also been testing its drones for parcel delivery for its Amazon customers known as Amazon Prime Air. Customers would order a lightweight item online, then receiving it 30 minutes later to their door step, or high-rise apartment.Google does have plans to use their drones for similar services that Amazon wants to give to its customers. Google intends to offer its own parcel deliver services for hoppers in the long run.

Until the FAA reconsiders new rules for unmanned aerial vehicles, Google will have to continue using countries like Australia to conduct further tests. So far Project Wing has delivered test flights consisting of candy bars, dog treats, cattle vaccines, water and radios to two farmers in Queensland.

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