The smart wallet segment is increasing in popularity, and it’s not a surprise when you consider the type of world we live in. I’m sure by now, you’ve seen those videos of expert pickpockets showcasing how crafty they can be to the uninitiated.

Volterman is the Swiss Army Knife of wallets in a world of opportunistic thievery, with a feature set and price worthy of your attention.

Already far surpassing its crowdfunding campaign, this innovative wallet is the closest all-in-one solution I’ve seen so far.

  • Power bank
  • Distance Alarm
  • GPS
  • Worldwide WiFi Hotspot
  • Theft Detection Camera
  • Waterproof
  • RFID Protected
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 64GB Embedded Memory
  • 4MP camera
  • ARM Cortex A9 CPU

Azat Tovmasyan, co-founder of Volterman:

We’ve seen huge growth in the smart wallet market in recent years

He’s certainly right with that statement. I did some checking around on the Internet, and not surprisingly the projected market valuation for 2020 is a whopping $635 billion.

Tovmasyan continues to say in a press release:

But there are limitations with the functionality. Some offer a power bank or security alarms, but they only react at a distance of 20 meters, not more. Volterman is the only wallet that offers a global tracking service, power bank, portable WiFi, and other essential features – all wrapped up in a slim, light-weight and stylish design. It really is a market leader. That’s the reason it’s gained so much traction on Indiegogo so quickly- it addresses a need.

Volterman Smart Wallet

I love the design of this billfold, and its slim profile doesn’t seem to hint at the internal components.

Once you open this smart wallet, you can see the light sensor which detects when someone opens Volterman.

This sensor helps in triggering the built-in camera which can instantly take a picture of someone in case your wallet gets stolen.

Pair that with the GPS functionality, and the unique value proposition increases a notch.

Volterman Charging Cable


A proprietary cable for charging your mobile device connects to a magnetic connector inside of the folder.

Depending on which perk you choose, these are the battery capacity options available to you:

  1. 2000 mAh
  2. 2600 mAh
  3. 5000 mAh

There is also a wireless charging Add-on for when you don’t want to carry the charging cable around.

Volterman Bifold On The Wireless Charger

I think it’s cool that you can have your phone sitting on your wallet, and if no one is the wiser, they wouldn’t guess you were charging your phone.

But before you can use all of Volterman’s features, you have to download the free mobile app and register the product with the included QR code which is unique to the device.

Volterman App

From the app, you can see useful information such as the battery level, SD card information, GPS functionality, Camera options, and WiFi hotspot integration.

Probably the most important feature many of you are looking for, is the alert system which detects when your wallet is out of range.

Volterman connects with your mobile device through Bluetooth technology, and once that connection is broken, you are alerted.

It takes a distance of about 10-15 meters for you to get a notification on your phone that you have just left your valuables behind.

In case you don’t hear your alarm go off, which you can customize the sound, by the way, your smart wallet will enter a lost mode if you don’t come back to recover it.

There is a function within the mobile app to enter tracking mode which gives the location of your wallet in real-time on a map, complete with the current address.

The next person to open Volterman will automatically have their photo taken which is then sent to your mobile and sorted by the date.


There’s not a lot to dislike about this project and seems to hit on all the right points of what makes a compelling product.

Backers of this campaign are in love with the idea of an all-in-one solution, and quite frankly I’m excited to see such a well thought out product featured on Indiegogo.

I don’t think I’ve seen another offering on the market which has gathered such a large amount of interest.

The test of any successful crowdfunding campaign is seeing how a product performs in the real world.

What we are looking at is a powerful tool that serves many benefits and various levels.

Technology is a rapidly changing vertical which knows few limits. Who would have thought ten years ago, that our wallets would be connected to our mobile devices?


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