Horrifying visuals of one of a fatal accident have recently arrived from Japan. In what appears from the recorded video footage (video at the bottom) a big Mazda hatchback in Japan is seen getting completely toppled over from the opposite side of the road and launches itself head-on into a tour bus.

A 62-year old Japanese doctor named Masamitsu Ikuma was driving his Mazda on the Tomei Expressway in Shinshiro, Aichi Prefecture, on a good sunny day. However, suddenly, the man lost control of his car for reasons unknown, after which his Mazda went airborne in a fraction of second and slammed head-on into the front of the tourist bus.

As reported by Japan Times, the 62-year driver was declared dead on the spot.

This accident left 45 of the 47 tourists injured with some reported to have suffered broken bones. The rest were minor injuries.

The passengers got help from the nearby restaurants after the car crash as they were bleeding from the cuts caused by broken glass. The Japan Times report says:

At a nearby restaurant, 20 to 30 injured passengers were waiting for medical help. While many were able to walk there unassisted, some were bleeding from head wounds after being struck by broken glass, a restaurant employee said. At the restaurant, broken glass was scattered across the floor and those injured were applying ice to their faces and arms, the employee said.

The authorities had to close the expressway for five hours before things resumed to normal. This is yet another example of how careful we should be and maintain road discipline to the highest level.

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SOURCEJapan Times
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