Seen by over 100 million Facebook users in its first day of release earlier this month, the Candy Crush Saga is a hit among mobile devices users on the popular social media network to say the least.’s puzzle games series is one of the most popular Facebook games in a long time, with people spending all kinds of time on the game. And with 864 million Facebook users, it makes sense that went all out in an advertising campaign on epic scales that saw the game being promoted everyday.

But I can’t stand all the invites I’ve got from people whom I haven’t spoken to in years, on FB about the game, which countless Crush Candy ads in my news feed. I haven’t played Candy Crush, and I’m not interested in its Saga either. I’ve never gotten into any of those kind of games on the social media platform, and never understood the lure of it all, that just seems to grab users. But to each their own I guess.
In April of 2012 the original Candy Crush rose to fame which was greatly propelled by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS, beating the popular Farmville 2 to become the most downloaded iOS app of 2013. And with Facebook just behind Google in global advertising revenue, we’re sure to see more companies jumping on and finding new and more inventive ways of advertising products, especially with Facebook’s Creative Shop which helps companies wanting to advertise to their audiences,to come up with unique marketing techniques.
I’m just tired of seeing it in my news feeds, and all the invites I’ve got. At least, there is a decline in that area at the moment for me. I’m sure it won’t be too long until I see the next wave of invite annoyance for Facebook games from people in my friends list who I haven’t spoken to in a decade.

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