It has been no secret about the terrible gang rape crimes committed in India over the past few years to have made headlines globally. Unspeakable acts carried out by disillusioned men, seeking  to harm innocent people has open the eyes of the world to some of the things taking place in India against women. A few days ago India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his country on its independence day, encouraging the nation to  raise better sons.

India has been embarrassed after many cases have been reported over the past few years of men raping women in the most violent of ways, infuriating the entire international community. Modi reminds his country of their responsibility to educate their sons, teaching them the difference between right and wrong, to respect women.

Narendra Modi also sheds light on the large male to female ration that India has. Many families who are looking to have children want a boy more than they do a girl.  And in many cases, during pregnancy, when the gender of the fetus is a girl, couples decide to abort because of disappointment.

Since the majority of the population are men, there remains a double standard when parents are dealing with women. Modi states when daughters leave the house to go out, they are questioned by parents heavily about their coming and going, while in the same scenario, very few questions are ever asked of, for the boys.

Since the fatal gang rape of a female student on a bus in 2012, India has struggled to get a grip on these types of violence, that many say occur daily, but go un-reported. The unfair mistreatment of some women in the country has damaged some of India’s image around the world. Narendi Modi has an uphill battle trying to get a handle on this situation in his country.

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