Mercedes’ C63 AMG is not exactly a car lacking power. With 469 horsepower originating from its hot-V twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter V8, it’s actually what you might call overpowered. It has no trouble lighting up the rear wheels at highway speeds provided you turn the traction control off. So what kind of a company does it take to dismiss that power figure as “insufficient” and further upgrade the C63?

Why one like BRABUS of course. The by-now world-renowned high-performance aftermarket tuning company has upgraded and customized Mercedes models for the best part of 4 decades in one way or another. Taking already fast and luxurious cars, and making them better still. This is their latest creation. Dubbed the BRABUS 650 Cabrio, it’s a lot more than just a C63 S Cabriolet with more power.

Profile view of the 650 Cabrio
Profile view of the 650 Cabrio

The Aero

Let’s start with what’s visible from the outside. BRABUS fitted the 650 Cabrio with new trick aero components, which offer genuine functionality. Finished in a matte or high-gloss paint, they’re as gorgeous to look at as they are practical. The spoiler alone minimizes lift substantially thanks to wider outer edges, with new rocker panels complete with a raised air deflector further improving aero. A carbon diffuser at the back aids high-speed stability too. With different color options, new wheels, naked carbon, and BRABUS badging all around, it’d be pretty difficult to mistake this for a standard C63.

 650 Cabrio
Rear 3/4 view

Under The Hood

As the name might suggest, the 650 Cabrio makes 650 horsepower, backed up by the earth-shattering 820 Nm of torque. In case you were wondering, that’s an increase of 140 horsepower and 120 Nm of torque over the typical car. Forget your run-of-the-mill performance cabriolets; the 650 Cabrio will blow most supercars out of the water regarding sheer speed. The sprint to 60 mph is dealt with in just 3.7 seconds, and the car doesn’t stop accelerating all the way to its top speed of 200 mph relentlessly. In a cabriolet.

This tremendous achievement has been accomplished by fitting two unique turbochargers to the V8 block, along with a larger compressor and a special core assembly with reinforced axial bearings. BRABUS’ in-house developed PowerXtra module acts as an ECU on top of the C-Class’ existing one, while special mapping for the electronic boost controller monitors and regulates injection, ignition, etc.

BRABUS-specific interior
BRABUS-specific interior

Unprecedented Luxury

In addition to the new exterior components, drivetrain upgrades, and software mappings, BRABUS has made sure the 650 Cabrio is as luxurious as a mid-size convertible can get. If you thought the normal C-Class was nice, wait till you see or get inside a 650. The materials are of the finest variety, and the build quality is second-to-none. Nothing this side of a Bentley or Rolls-Royce can touch it, bearing in mind this would annihilate both of them performance-wise.

Available as a complete package, you can also bring your very own C63 S Cabriolet to BRABUS and let them carry out the 650 Cabrio treatment for a considerable premium. If the question is “Should you?”, then the answer is definitely a big, fat “YES”.

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