Like most things in life, success depends upon the support available for a particular project. The same holds true for the global efforts to maintain a clean environment that we can all enjoy.  Based in Munich Germany, the launch of the Pan-European High-Power Charging Network IONITY is in full swing. And these major automotive manufacturers are behind it.

  • BMW Group
  • Daimler AG
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche

This newly announced joint venture called IONITY will create some 400 High-Power charging stations across Europe by 2020.

It’s a bold move, and one I thought I’d never see if you would have asked me several years ago.

Like it or not, the future of transportation is moving to electric vehicles with more automakers making the switch.

To embark on that journey, as an automotive manufacturer you’ll need to identify, root out and replace existing issues hampering any progress for further development.

One of the main sticking points some potential, and a few existing customers of electric vehicles have, is the lack of available charging stations.

On any given day you could potentially drive by a dozen petrol stations and maybe only one EV charging point hidden somewhere behind a tree.


IONITY is looking to change that within the next few years as it sets out to open 20 stations to the public the end of the year.

These stations will be found on roadways throughout Germany, Norway, and Austria every 120km.

This is in partnership with Tank & Rast, Circle K and OMW. By 2018 sometime, the network is expected to expand to 100 stations.

It’s an investment in a massive infrastructure which is a small part of a broader initiative which Europe plans to have some 500,000 stations available to the public by 2020.

These IONITY stations will use the European charging standard and will allow various manufactured vehicles to use these systems.

Once drivers feel more comfortable and confident in a robust network of charging stations, the jump onto the electric bandwagon won’t seem so scary.

The technologies that power these automobiles are getting better along with improved range.

Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, Oliver Blume:

Creating a functioning charging infrastructure is necessary for ensuring electromobility is accepted and further expanded. With the rapid charging network from IONITY, we are ensuring that our customers can use electric cars on long journeys without compromising on convenience. These high-charging stations are capable of charging our Mission E to 80 per cent in just 15 minutes – equivalent to a range of 400 kilometres. The Mission E is Porsche’s first purely electric sports car. It will arrive on the market in 2019, bringing e-mobility into everyday use

Some governments hand out rebates for customers who purchase  EVs which makes owning one an attractive solution.

As the network expands, there will be a need for more automotive manufacturers to jump on board. There is an open invitation for those who are interested in this high-profile investment.

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