It’s been the source of puzzlement for many years, as some customers wondered why their old iPhones seemed to be slowing down.

Afterall, Apple, a company that’s famous for making their software and hardware well optimized should be able to put out a product that performs flawlessly after many years.

But sadly, that’s not the case with all iPhones. A Reddit user took to the social news aggregation platform to share their experiences of lagging performance issues.

It’s natural for batteries in electronic devices to degrade over time.

After “X” many charging cycles, temperature variables, and usage, these power sources tend to hold less of a charge.

That’s common knowledge, and it is part of the reasons why many Android smartphone manufacturers used to ship their devices with a removable battery.

The demand for slimmer, water-proof, dust-proof, and high build quality devices have forced these tech companies to enclose the battery within the body.

Despite all of this, there should be no reason for the processor to take a hit in performance.

And this is precisely the case with certain old iPhones. And to confirm the conspiracy theory further, Apple Inc came out in the open admitting they indeed slow down the performance on older iPhones.

They claim by throttling the CPU; they can maximize the life expectancy of the battery. Apple also says that with newer iOS versions, more power is required to run the features.

That sounds like a valid argument from one angle. But people can’t help but wonder if this is just a coverup for the truth?

Is Apple Inc throttling older iPhones for the sake of battery life expectancy, or are they doing it so that you can upgrade to a new model sooner?

Many customers suspect the later, as do many of you.

iPhone X Battery

The other interesting part of this story is in the what Primate Labs found out during their testing.

By users paying for a battery replacement, they reported better performance.

The obvious downside is the cost associated with doing so.

There is an inconvenience factor when taking this approach. The time takes to send in your device for a battery replacement, and the $99 charge.

You’ll also have to pay for shipping if your iDevice is out of warranty.

Primate Labs:

While we expect battery capacity to decrease as batteries age, we expect processor performance to stay the same. However, users with older iPhones with lower-than-expected Geekbench 4 scores have reported that replacing the battery increases their score (as well as the performance of the phone)

The iPhone X represents the best of Apple. Its A11 Bionic chip is a six-core powerhouse.

With multiple cores optimized for efficiency, the phones battery life shouldn’t take such a big hit in the long-run.

This iPhone should be subjected to any form of throttling, at least in theory.

This entire revelation of a wide-kept industry secret probably won’t bother most customers.

A lot of us tend to upgrade our devices every 1-3 years for something new and exciting.

This type of consumption has led to manufacturers resorting to new tactics to get people to upgrade in efforts to maintain profitability.

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