In our increasingly hyper-connected world, it is not uncommon to see bad Facebook posts show up in your feed. With almost two billion monthly users it is becoming an increasingly uphill battle to prevent or remove offensive posts.

It’s almost unbelievable when you hear stories or reports about the kind of things that get posted on a person’s profile. I’m not talking about simple updates like cat videos, where a person is, or even what they are doing. These are standard everyday non-essential reports that many of us just scroll past.

Criminals are brave enough to post their horrendous dealings on Facebook. How many times have you heard about a parent killing or raping their child and posting it, or a killer live streaming their devious deeds?

Because of Facebook’s massive reach and influence around the world, it is easy to negatively affect the tranquility of a person’s mental state through a simple upload.

As we stated earlier, with nearly two billion monthly users, you can imagine the amount of bad Facebook posts that go up noticed or unnoticed.

But the social media giant is trying to fight back as Mark Zuckerberg promises to hire more than 3,000 content moderators in efforts to police itself.

While Zuckerberg’s efforts to add that amount of moderators deserve recognition, it is highly unlikely the hiring of new staff for this job is going to have a significant impact in deterring the live streaming of shootings, rapes, murders and other acts of violence.

Algorithms can only go so far about censorship, and those who are assigned to moderate posts are going to have to rely not only on Facebook’s internal support structure but also other users as well.

Bad Facebook Posts
Jiranuch Trirat, second from left, holding the body of her 11-month-old daughter at a hospital in Phuket, Thailand, on Tuesday. The daughter’s death was broadcast on Facebook. Credit Dailynews, via Reuters

Facebook already has some 4,500 people monitoring the site for bad posts and look at the crap that still passes through onto our feeds. The company is often known to leave explicit content up for a while before taking it down. For example, a man from Thailand murdered his 11-month old daughter last month and uploaded the footage. It stayed online for a day before being taken down. The sad part is the video was viewed well over 300,000 times. There are many examples which are too much to cover in this article alone.

Facebook is a huge company that likes to push and test the limits of technology while finding new ways to merge it with social media.

With all the technological advances FB is achieving, the one thing it is struggling with is protecting people from people.

And to be fair, is that their job? The microscope of scrutiny is always hovering over the social media tech giant’s head, and rightfully so due to privacy concerns. But it is up to people to think and consider the outcomes of their actions. And sadly, many of us do not.

The least we can do as responsible citizens of the world is to not share or like any of these crazy uploads which bring dishonor to all parties involved.

I don’t think we will ever see the end of bad Facebook posts as the platform sees more monthly users than the population of North and South America combined. It is an uphill battle in trying to censor bad posts as more users are demanding more transparency to achieve a higher level of trust.

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