If you have tried to log on to Facebook and can’t get into the social media website, then you are not alone. Thousands of users are experiencing the same technical issues since Saturday.

Since late Friday night and into the morning on Saturday, users were greeted with the message that Facebook will be back soon, as the site is down for required maintenance.

As in the Tweet above, some users didn’t get the maintenance excuse, but instead a more honest explanation of something had gone wrong.

At the moment, this issue is only affecting some users and not the entire platform for unknown reasons.

It’s common for online companies to experience these kinds of interruptions and they can occur without warning. Hardware failure, coding issues when a new feature is being tested, hacking, and server maintenance are just some of the possibilities.

Naturally, users want to get into the platform and get social, so when Facebook is down, it can cause a stirrup of hostile emotions.

Typically, users will vent their frustrations on another social media platform and in this case many have taken to Twitter with the hashtag:

According to downdector, more than 1,869 complaints have been registered since Saturday

If you are trying to log into Facebook on your mobile device or desktop application and are seeing errors, just know that the social media giant is well aware and is working on a fix.

Some users that were previously unable to get into the site have gained limited access to their pages.

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