WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,43, is to leave the safety of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London soon. Since 2012 where he has been given asylum by Ecuador, he has so far avoided  arrest by authorities and extradition to the United States over his famous classified Leaks.

I can’t imagine spending two years of my life inside of a building without being able to go outside. But this is the situation Assange has been in, and it looks like he’s tired of it now. He knows upon leaving the safety of the Embassy, he will certainly be arrested for interrogation  because of allegations of sexual assault made by two women, which Julian Assange strongly denies, and a possible extradition to the U.S.

His spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson stated:

The plan, as always, is to leave as soon as the UK government decides to honour its obligations in relation to international agreements

There is no word from Assange about when he might leave. Since police have maintained a 24/7 presence around the building for the past two years, once he decides to remove himself from the Embassy, he won’t get too far.

Source: BBC


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