It’s only a matter of time before someone breaches the 300 mph mark in a production car. It’s inevitable really. Everything so far is leading towards that moment. It all started with the original Buggati Veyron and its 253 mph record. After a dogfight between Hennessey, Bugatti, and SSC, the big Veyron SuperSport finally prevailed clocking 267 mph. Although several tuner cars have beaten that, no production car was able to even come close. Then of course came the Chiron, the long-awaited Veyron replacement and the game was moved up to another level. The Chiron hasn’t done a top speed run, but it absolutely shattered the 0-248-0 mph record with an incredible time of 42 seconds.

Koenigsegg Agera RS
The Koenigsegg Agera RS is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 with 1341 horsepower

Bugatti’s hopes of holding that record for a long time were broken courtesy of Koenigsegg and the Agera RS. It shaved five seconds off the Chiron’s record, posting a time of just 36.5 seconds. It seems Koenigsegg had no intentions of stopping there though. A month later and Koenigsegg breaks the top speed world record with a simply mind-blowing 277.9 mph. This makes the Agera RS the fastest production car in the world, as if there was any question or shadow of a doubt.

Officials from Guinness World Records were present at the event and did, in fact, confirm the new record. As per all records, that figure is an average of two runs in opposite locations. This is to negate any variables such as road surface, wind direction, etc. Breaking a world speed record is not exactly easy. Even if you have the right car for the job, you need the perfect location. Not many places in the world allow you to max out a vehicle, especially one that will exceed 250 miles per hour.

Koenigsegg Agera RS top speed record
The road where the Koenigsegg Agera RS broke the top speed record

Ehra-Lessien is the proving ground where Bugatti set their record, but they’re obviously not going to lend it to Koenigsegg for their own top speed purposes. Instead, a closed road near Pahrump, Nevada was chosen. Although I’m sure Koenigsegg took all the necessary precautions, attempting a top speed run is always going to be more dangerous on a closed road rather than a dedicated race track. The driver piloting the Agera RS was Niklas Lilja, the Koenigsegg factory driver behind the 0-248-0 mph record as well.

Although some of you could argue that both Hennessey and SSC were always in the run for the title of the fastest car in the world, I’d have to respectfully disagree. A production car, in my opinion, has to be bespoke and unique, not just produced in a couple of examples. The Venom GT is, in essence, a stretched Lotus Elsie with a big turbo V8. It’s not your average tuner car, but it is a tuner car of sorts. The Buggati has always been the only true hypercar in my eyes, but the Agera RS changed all that. Koenigsegg will release more info about the run as well as a video in the next couple of days.

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