It’s 2017, and drone manufacturers are putting new technologies into their products for a more robust and satisfying user experience. New on the scene is Ruiven, a leading designer, and manufacturer of mobile devices, which now launches its Kudrone.

Kudrone is a feature packed nano drone that not only performs like a world-class drone, and it also is budget friendly starting at just $99. That’s a bargain when you take into consideration products like DJI’s Mavic runs well over $1k, and even more when you start piling on the options.

Kayven Zou, Director of Ruiven:

The popularity of drones has grown past enthusiasts to consumers, prosumers and content creators. The issue that still remains is current products on the market are either too expensive for everyday people or don’t have enough features. For people to want to use drones regularly during outings or adventures, they need to be simple so users won’t get frustrated or fed up

Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, Kudrone users are going to appreciate the throw-to-fly design of this 3.7-inch nano drone which weighs only 3oz. This means you can simply throw this tiny machine in the air and it automatically hovers and follows you to track your position for up to 100ft. While it does include 2, 650mAh lithium batteries, there’s no mention of flight time. The company pegs the flight time at 8 mins.

Kudrone Black

Because each environment is dynamically different, there must be a workaround integrated to avoid colliding with stationary objects. And it looks like there is one as Ruiven integrated a precision sonar hovering feature along with built-in-GPS, 3-axis gyroscope accelerometer, magnetic compass, barometer and a vision positioning system.

Having a quadcopter this size makes it the perfect companion for exploring places like the Philippines, Canada, U.S, Uk and anywhere else in the world your travels may take you. If you don’t have the time to take out your camera or you just don’t want to, Kudrone can also automatically snap pictures and make videos in 4K along with Panoramic 360 degrees.

iPhone Sync Kudrone


It takes a lot to understand what manufacturers have to go through to pack current technologies into such a small product and have it work. Ruiven has also developed an iOS and Android app which allows users to take control in an instant. If you want to look cool among your friends, you can also control kudrone with your Apple Watch. There are options to save and stream live footage with friends through the app, and if somehow you get out of range, Kudrone will automatically return to your last known location to reconnect.

The drone market is exploding with a vast array of products available, much of which cost many times more than the asking crowdfunding price of $99. Once the campaign is finished, Kudrone sells for $169, which is still a great deal when you factor in all the included features. You can check this product out on Indiegogo or at 

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