New analytics from smartwatch researchers Wristly discovered that unsatisfied Apple Watch owners were generally nonplussed by a lack of features and performance, though about half of the people in the survey said they will consider buying the next-generation Watch when it’s out.

In a separate study, Wristly gave the Apple Watch a solid satisfaction rating, with 97 percent of the respondents saying they are satisfied with the device. But the company carried out a newer study, polling over 330 people who said they were not happy with the Watch, in order to find out why they expressed dissatisfaction with the device. As it turned out, close to nine-tenths of the unsatisfied customers said that the Watch didn’t give them enough bang for their buck; in other words, not enough features to justify the device’s base price of $349.

Indeed, 80 percent of the respondents did single out a lack of features as a key pain point. The Apple Watch was released earlier this year, months after its September 2014 unveiling, and in the run-up to its release in stores, many were already complaining about its lack of cellular connectivity and GPS. Apple would eventually take care of some complaints, including problems with native app support and issues with third-party watch faces, when the watchOS 2 platform was released in September.

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Other common complaints included the lackluster performance of the Apple Watch, as well as its poor battery life, though Wristly didn’t clarify whether this is because of unresponsive third-party watchOS apps or a hardware problem in general.

However, one fascinating aspect of the study was the fact that most of the disgruntled users stuck it out with the Apple Watch. And about half of these unsatisfied users, according to Wristly, will consider buying a second-generation Watch if and when one becomes available. Apple loyalty or a desire to give Watch a second chance? The study doesn’t say, but that is indeed a rather high percentage for a group of consumers who feel that the product in question is unsatisfactory.

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