There are always advancements being made in technology, from morphing tables to robot furniture , there seems to be no limit as to how far researches are willing to go. One thing that has been on the table for the U.S government, is to decrease the amount of traffic accidents that occur each year.

There is one solution that has caught people’s attention all over the world that might help, and that is driverless cars. Yes vehicles that can drive themselves with very little response from a human. We’ve seen companies like Mercedes, with plans of putting these autonomous vehicles on the road, experimenting with their Semi Trucks.

According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these driverless vehicles could potentially prevent 592,000 left-turn and intersection accidents each year. But not everyone is so gun-ho for having their cars control themselves. Anything can go wrong at a given time, causing the computer to go haywire driving its occupant down an unwanted route where it so desires. The technology sounds great, but personally, I wouldn’t want that feature in any automobile I own. I want to know I’m in control of where I’m going at all times, and not at the mercy of my gadgets. But that’s just me. Recently Google has been ordered to fit its driverless vehicles with a steering wheel and pedals, just incase a computer malfunction occurs, which in the event, a driver would need to take control.

But for those that may want this technology, for whatever reasons, can be sure that the latest and greatest features will be packed in such vehicles. The technology will allow cars and light trucks to send location data, direction, speed and more, alerting a driver of any potential incidents that could occur. Some of this tech is already being used in high-end vehicles around the world by major car manufactures. lane assist, adaptive cruise control are just a few examples.

Motor accidents resulting in death is still a problem across the globe. There is a real push to help save lives from being lost as a result of distracted driving, drunk driving and simple driver error. If this technology can address some of these issues, by reducing the amount of deaths on roads each year, then I’m all for it. It will of course take time to fit vehicles with this type of tech in the near future, hopefully at a reasonable cost to the consumer.

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