A new Facebook dislike button is in the works for the social media giant’s messaging platform, as this new feature lets users long press on a message to respond using thumbs down.

Because of Facebook’s commitment to improving its platform, the company is taking advantage of ways to build a better user-friendly experience.

The dislike button feature within Facebook’s messenger app was first cited by a TechCrunch user named Hoan Do, and then later confirmed by Facebook which stated:

We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.

It is important to note only a select number of users can use the dislike button in Facebook Messenger. This addition has long been on the request list of users for Newsfeed posts for a while, with Facebook choosing not to utilize the button.

During this testing phase in Messenger, the social media giant told TechCrunch the disliking feature is not for fostering negativity, but instead it is to supposed to be used as an easy way to say no.

Facebook Dislike Button Messenger

Similar to iMessage for iOS, pressing on a conversation bubble brings up a list of available options for responding to a message quickly.

Depending on user’s responses, and how well received these Messenger reactions are, Facebook will eventually roll them out to all users at an unspecified time. This is just one of the many new ways the company is improving its platform for users.

Recently, Facebook updated its algorithms for its users which may be at risk of committing suicide. The new programming looks out for warning signs such as keywords and phrases within a user’s posts, which it then sends a message to the company’s human team.

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