With high diesel fuel costs and running on slim profit margins, transport companies are always looking to save money wherever possible. The Nikola Motor Company, has a powerful new solution that promises surprise trucking companies while saving them more money.

Yesterday Trevor Milton, the company’s founder and CEO announced that his company, Nikola Motor Company, reached an astonishing $3.2 billion on reservations for the Nikola One, in just its first month.

What is the Nikola One? It’s a 2000 horsepower, class 8, natural gas-electric hybrid semi-truck, which the company says will achieve 2-3 times more miles per gallon than current diesel trucks. For the first 25,000 reservations, the company has promised free fuel for the first 1,000,000 miles to further boost savings.

Nikola trucks can take natural gas from any CNG station, or can fill at one of the 50+ planned Nikola CNG stations. For the first 25,000 reservations, Nikola will provide *free fuel for the first 1,000,000 miles. Trucks not part of the first 25,000 trucks can fill up at any Nikola station for the low price of $1.50 per DGE of natural gas.

2,000 hp with 3,700 ft-lbs of near instant torque will allow the all- wheel drive Nikola One to run up hills fully loaded at 65 mph without breaking a sweat, with a range of 800- 1,200 miles between fill stations.

Nikola One Hybrid Semi Truck

There are 55 natural gas CNG stations within Nikola’s network in the US and Canada where trucks can refuel from, with more coming or drivers can take it from any CNG station that are already in operation.

Nikola  Hybrid Semi Truck

Hills are one of the biggest fuel guzzling factors when it comes to commercial vehicles when loaded. The Nikola One will capture the energy used and recharge its batteries going up and down hills. Its regenerative braking paired to large disc brakes mean that this commercial vehicle can stop 2x faster in half the distance it would take for another truck.

Our technology is 10-15 years ahead of any other OEM in fuel efficiencies, MPG and emissions. We are the only OEM to have a near zero emission truck and still outperform diesel trucks running at 80,000 pounds.

We have a commercial truck manufacturer with the name Nikola and on the other hand, the segment leader for passenger EVs Tesla, both taking some of their inspirations from the late, great Nikola Tesla. These two companies who are at the forefront of this technology, are introducing machines with outstanding performance and capabilities which are setting new standards industry-wide.

The unveiling event for the  Nikola One, will be featured live on the company’s website.

Through their leasing program with costs ranging from $4000-$5000 per month, companies can choose from various configuration options to suit their needs and budget.

With impressive performance stats, trucking companies are set to save roughly $500,000 per 1,000,000 miles in fuel and maintenance costs with this hybrid semi-truck.

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