By making use of some of the brightest minds in digital technology, a group of hackers named Plutoo, Derek, and Naewert, displayed some clever exploits on Nintendo’s switch, making it possible to play homebrew games on the popular gaming console.

By using the Switch’s “off the shelf” Nvidia Tegra X1 Chip, the team of hackers managed to get themselves access to core-functions of the chip.

Anyone with the console that’s running on Firmware 3.0.0 will be able to take advantage of this exploit. The hacking team more or less went through Nvidia’s GPU documentation for debugging the hardware, giving them backdoor access which makes the entire process possible.

Anyone that updates the console system firmware past 3.0 won’t be able to use this exploit and will more than likely void any warranty obligation from Nintendo, so tread carefully.

We see these sorts of things with Jailbreaking exploits which have opened up iPhones to new levels of customizations for the past decade.

There are going to be inherent risks associated with homebrew Nintendo Switch games, and it’s obvious to see why.

Also if Nintendo detects that you are using this exploits, they may decide to their damage control which can include anything they consider acceptable. It’s a constant struggle for the tech giant to keep people from tinkering with their consoles which have been done on the Wii in the past.

There are those customers that feel it is their right to explore their consoles the way they see fit. Afterall, they are the ones that paid the money for the right of ownership.

A video was made available online explaining how the hack could be performed, but it has now since been removed. Of course, Nintendo is working on updates to eliminate the vulnerability, which will leave some folks unable to explore the world of homebrew games until another hack is discovered.


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