Japanese manufacturer, Toto had the Neorest self-cleaning toilet in the middle of the floor at CES 2016.

Although non-functioning, these smart toilets were there as a demo showing how the “intelligent” toilet systems worked.

Toto was quick to highlight their self-cleaning toilets as great for the environment, while improving everyone’s overall bathroom experience.

The smart toilets open as you approach and close on their own as you finish says Lenora Campos, a Toto spokeswoman.

CES 2016 intelligent toilet

The Self-Cleaning Toilets work by:

  • Using disinfectant and a glaze, made of zirconium and titanium dioxide, coating the bowl
  • Once flushed the “intelligent” toilet sprays the interior with electrolysed water.
  • Thus turning the water into a weak bleach, killing anything in the bowl.
  • This means the toilet can go 1 year without being cleaned, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals.

It also cleans the user with an aerated wand, which delivers warm water and warm air, both washing and drying you “from a seated position”, said Campos.

An ultraviolet light in the lid charges the surface, making it super-hydrophillic – or water-loving.

These self-cleaning toilets are also photocatalyst, enabling oxygen ions to break down bacteria and viruses.

Campos said, about 70 percent of Japanese homes already use this kind of washlet system.

Smart toilet CES 2016

Toto has sold the Neorest model in the U.S and Europe.

The new model displayed at CES 2016, is set to be in markets in the U.S and Europe sometime in 2017.

The new model displayed this year is a wall hung model, taking up less space with its drain tank in the wall, being even more water-efficient.

The original Neorest modest comes with a hefty price tag of $10,000 and possibly higher for the newer model.

Toto USA president William Strang said, “Once they test-drive this, they don’t want to go back”.

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