These non-Muslim women are about to find out what it’s like to be Muslim for a day. This social experiment gives these women a bird’s eye view what it is like to walk in someone else shoes. North America is becoming increasingly diverse, with many cultures from around the world, calling here home.

American women wear Hijab

With the amount of negative media attention Muslims have gotten since 911, there are many stigma’s facing that group of people who many have yet to understand. These four women from the U.S take the challenge, which proves to be an eye opener for them and a unique and strange experience. From stares, to unusual comments they find how difficult it can be for others who choose to wear Hijabs in a society where that isn’t the norm. For the many Muslim women living in European and North American nations, this is just an everyday part of life that has to be dealt with.

wearing Hijab means to also cover your entire body minus the hands, face and feet.


Source: Buzz Feed Video

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