As far as leaks and renders go, these premium iPhone 8 dummy mock-ups point to what seems to be the near finish product. YouTuber Danny Winget who got his hands on three models gives us a quick review.

As usual, please keep at the forefront of your mind that nothing is confirmed, and the most likely scenario here is that these iPhone X dummy models are probably meant for case manufacturers.

This gives them an opportunity to make ready their cases for when the iPhone is for sale.

We are looking at three potential colors in some gold or copper scheme, along with silver, and black.

Danny doesn’t seem to care that much for the copper color, and judging by his impressions it is just plain unattractive.

In just under a decade, Apple has managed to do what many other smartphone manufacturers have only dreamed of, and that attracts a cult-like following.

Here we are obsessing over a few mockups, which may not end up being the final design.

One of the biggest draws is to see that near bezel-less design in the video below. When compared to an iPhone 7, it’s clear to see which is more attractive.

Judging from the video, it’s hard to give a solid opinion of the design. At least from what we can see, this next iPhone seems to be much sleeker and form-fitting. It should sit between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in size.

Can’t say that I’m a fan of the rear camera set up though. Even from the many leaks early on, the vertical placement just seems odd. It probably won’t matter that much anyway, because many of you will opt for a case to protect your investment.

And speaking of dollars, sticker-shock most likely will be in effect once pricing is announced. We are still expecting this smartphone to run north of $1,000 and probably much higher for those production units which will be listed on classified ads websites.

So is this the iPhone that we’ve all been waiting for? It’s certainly been an exciting year since the launch of the seven series.

Almost immediately afterward, rumors began about the tenth edition iPhone.

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