power amp logo When it comes to apps there is no shortage of them on the Play Store and one of my prefered music app is PowerAmp. Power Amp is a nice app the caught my eye because of the slick equalizer and settings skin that comes built in. poweramp eq   The HTC One X was my first Android smartphone and one of the things that i didn’t like was the native music player that looked like a 1990’s jukebox in my opinion. I started the hunt for music players and came across Power Amp, and have loved it since. I use it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 2 when i need to listen to a track I just made, or my other music media. Currently it gets a solid 4.7 rating on the Play Store with 10,000,000 plus downloads with users loving the app due to its versatility. I love the built-in 10-band graphical equalizer for all supported formats, as well as presets, custom presets, bass and treble controls which in my opinion looks great, and was one of the features that got me hooked on this app. I am a visual type of guy and anything with a bit of pop gets me going. Of course I prefer functionality and quality over anything, but an app with nice visuals gets my attention quickly. The features include a tag editor, widgets, album art support, and visual themes, which I personally just prefer the stock theme. Just about every audio format is supported, and one thing I loved was the widgets that you can choose from, even having a nice lock screen widget is great. You can try the app free for 15 days and then after you can pay $3.99 USD to unlock the full version. If you are thinking about an alternative media player over your stock player then I highly recommend Poweramp for your device.

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