If you’re like me, then you don’t really care for spiders all that much, especially when they end up in the house. There have been many occasions where I’ve simply been typing on the computer, when out of no where I get the feeling to look up, only to see a spider stringing down right above my head.

I remember way back in 1995 in Jamaica, my dad got called back into work at about 11pm. I decided to go with him to see what he did at the office. I got bored after an hour or so, and decided to walk around the building. I went up spiral steps, only to be stopped dead in my tracks by a huge brown or black spider the size of my palm. Well I walked backwards, straight to my dads desk and sat down without a word.

Goliath Spider Eating Birds




Goliath Spider Size


The Goliath spider is the worlds largest Tarantula with some that grow to the size of a small puppy. Though their bite is not fatal to humans, you wouldn’t want to get bit by one to say the least. They don’t normally feed on birds but prefer to eat other insects that crawl on the ground. They have been known and documented to eat small birds in the wild. They are also said to fling their hairs into the air, to defend themselves against other predators. Females after mating will eat their mates laying 100-200 eggs, and have are known to have an average life of 15-25 years.

Most people I know don’t want to get close to something like this, but there are people around the world who consider spiders a delicacy and will actually go out spider hunting just to catch a meal. Not my cup of tea, no matter how much Frank’s you put on it. Still this is a remarkable creäture and one that I hope to never come across, as long as I don’t travel to Northern South America where they are found.

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