Qualcomm is getting itself into Google Project Tango for mobile devices that looks to change the way users will capture the world around them.

The chip-maker will use its Snapdragon 810 64-bit processors in Google’s latest project.

Google has created Project Tango as a way for Android devices to track 3D motion that creates a 3D model of the surrounding environment.

This new type of application is the invention of google’s advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP).

The uses for this type of application could have limitless potential for the consumer and business user alike.

Project Tango works by using sensors in a mobile device such as a tablet, that will constantly scan the environment to detect objects in a room or space giving the exact location data.


This will give precise dimensions of an object. For example, a builder could use the information to determine the measurements needed to put up a wall in a building.

Google Project Tango

You could measure the width of your entrance to your home and then go to a store to buy a couch, which you could use Project Tango to tell you if you’re going to make it through your front door with that sofa.

Qualcomm and Google will be working together to find ways to introduce this technology into smartphones, making it user-friendly.

The sensors needed to make Project Tango work, could spark a new road of innovation for smartphones from manufacturers that may be looking to take full advantage of this concept.

Hopefully Google and Qualcomm can find a way to bring this technology to future mobile devices, which could completely spark a new era of innovation.


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