Google is back at it again, and this time new reports are suggesting a new messaging app is in the works for its mobile users.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the tech giant plans to use its knowledge about artificial intelligence and its “chatbot technology” to bring a new user experience.

The company developed its messaging app Hangouts, that lots of users don’t care for like they do with WhatsApp, SnapChat and others.

It’s rumored that the new app will allow its users to text chatbot along with their friends and have web search functions to answer questions.

Since Google already gathers information from those who use its services, it’s possible the company will base its app around interest of the user, much in the same way as Google Now.

It makes sense that Google wants to get a big slice of the mobile messaging market.

Consumers often use such services over certain social media outlets, and the market continues to grow dominating mobile usages.

Google Messaging App

Just think about the amount of messages you send in a billing cycle. Take a closer look at your usage stats and you’ll realize just how many messages are sent.

But should Google bother itself with time and resources to create another messaging app?

Google has always been a company that seeks to stay current with trends.

As developing countries see more of their populations take to mobile, major messaging services such as Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and more continue to see growth.

Google will have to do its best to make this new app a hit with its customers or else it will be lost in the sea of competition that’s already here.

It’s not clear when or what the name of this new mobile app will be called, but it seems as if the company has big plans for the near future.

Possibly a release could be schedule on the next Nexus device in 2016? Who knows, but for now its just a waiting game.

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