Google is planning new things for its mobile platform for 2018 as it looks to cement its place among the heavy hitters. There are rumors swirling that the company might be considering implementing a notch much like that of the iPhone X in its upcoming flagship devices.

When the iPhone X arrived on the scene, it was easily praised as the best smartphone that Apple had come out with.

A bigger screen with better resolution, and processing power that rivals basic laptops, it was a near perfect phone except for the price.

But one of the most talked about features was the introduction of Face ID, a facial recognition system that was designed by Apple.

It makes unlocking and securing the device through biometric authentication a touch more reliable than traditional methods according to some folks.

But to add the additional sensors needed, the company seemingly had no option but to stick a notch to house the necessary hardware, which was the subject of mixed reviews.

Love it or hate it, we can expect to see more of the company’s flagship phones with the famous notch for the foreseeable future.

According to the report by Bloomberg, Google is already working towards its mobile software that will support devices that plan to follow the iPhone X’s controversial design language.

That may not be so far from the truth when you consider the Pixel 2 series of phones which don’t include headphone jacks. They follow after Apple as the company decided to do away with them in the iPhone 7.

For those that are pure Android enthusiasts, this might leave a slightly bitter aftertaste in the mouth if Google plans to continue down this slippery slope.

We could debate until the end of 2018 on which company copy’s what company and so forth, and we will never get anywhere.

I get the fact that Google wants to improve the user experience of its platform by leaps and bounds, and  I’m alright with that.

But I would also like to see manufacturers differentiate themselves from the competition a bit more than what we have seen in the past couple of years.

Samsung does a great job with its Galaxy series which features its stunning Infinity Display technology.

Google Notch

HTC is trying hard with its Edge Sense technology, OnePlus makes a compelling offer with its devices, and the Pixel 2 has incredible shooters.

That iPhone notch is unique to that phone, and many other users are alright with that. Android has many differentiating qualities about it which makes it a special experience to another set of users.

I would hate to see a whole army of Android manufacturers follow Apple’s lead on the notch thing.

These organizations pull in millions and billions in revenue, and they should not have any issues in hiring new talent.

It’s 2018 and its time to see new and innovative creations on the hardware and software front.

If somehow Google and its vendors can address the fragmentation issue, that would be a blessing.

As for now, this latest news is just a rumor, and we will have to see how things shape up near the end of the year when Google introduces changes to its software and Pixel branded devices.

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